We solve complex problems.


6 Machines LLC

Founded in 2015, 6 Machines is well suited to solving your complex problems with creative, innovation, timely and cost-effective solutions. 


Adrian Bischoff, Principal & Designer

After a dozen years of working for top-notch mechanical design firms in Silicon Valley, Taipei, Cape Town and Boston, Adrian started 6 Machines LLC to continue to provide solutions to complex problems for everything from consumer products to 3D printers to medical devices. Previously, Adrian worked at 3D Systems as a mechanical engineer on their large format, full color 3D printer, ZPrinter850, from the alpha stage to launch. His work experience also includes 5 years in Silicon Valley and in Taipei for Function Engineering, a mechanical design consulting firm, working on projects spanning from mp3 players to 34 degree-of freedom robots; and, 3 years at Cooper Perkins, working on a drug injector medical device and a desktop 3D printer. Adrian holds two degrees in Mechanical Engineering, a BS from MIT--where he won the De Florez Design Award for Creativity and Ingenuity--and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. He holds one patent and has an additional patent pending. 

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